O kaiju lady of the pool what is your wisdom

About me

- Name : Nocti, but I also respond to Lazuli/Lazu !
- Pronouns : She/They
- Age : 25 (born October 28, 1997)
- Spoken Languages : French (native) & English
- Occupations : Music producer/DJ/Artist/Cosplayer/Occasional writer
- Health stuff :
-> Type 1 Diabetic (diagnosed at age 7)
-> Autistic (diagnosed at age 20)
-> ADHD (diagnosed at age 21)
- Orientation : Homoromantic Asexual (in other words ace lesbian)

more info:- I am a bowling alley strike video personified. An arcade carpet, if you will.
- I'm horribly shy at first but when we're closer i'm chill as hell.
- i'm really silly. i may as well just be from whatever's the place roger rabbit comes from. and im very unapologetic about how silly goofy i am it's one of my charming traits
- 100% safe for work content creator! Not into romantic content in general either unless stated otherwise!
- I unfortunately can't get medicated for my autism/ADHD symptoms so please be patient w me i do my very best to work on it with what ressources i have o/
- im also a part time dragon/kaiju vtuber, im lazuli dracaena! i only do it when my brain works and cooperates to go into talk-in-front-of-an-audience mode
- i'm a content creator but i unfortunately burn out fast and often! expect some creative blanks on the way
- one of my friends told me i was the most chaotic good person he knows and i take this with stride
-on ffxiv i am a primal datacenter, famfrit server girl through and through! my main is Remilia Scarlet' (plainsfolk lalafell), but i also play Gengetsu Lotusland (dunesfolk lalafell) feel free to ask if you wanna play together if we're friends!

I am taking this really seriously. Just because i have a somewhat large following doesnt mean i have strong morals. tldr if you're a creep i do not like you. It costs zero dollars to be a good person so if you're not you've only got yourself to blame.Don't interact criteria:
-❌racists/homophobes/transphobes/ableists/antisemites/islamophobes/neonazis etc. Tldr: Discrimination under any shape or form towards a minority / bigoted fascist ideologies are not welcome around me
-❌n f ts/cr ypto/ people who will defend shady AI art techniques
-❌TERFs and trans exclutionists/nonbinary exclusionists
-❌L/li and Sh/tacons as well as proshippers (includes inc/st, p/dophilic ships, non consenting scenarios, etc)
(if you think touhou is l-licon material/claim that zun is a l-licon i will block you so fast and kill you so dead)
-❌Pedos/Z**philes/MAPs whatever you'll be blocked on sight, no debate. whatever you call yourself
-❌you associate with okinatv
-❌ use of the r slur or using "autistic" as an insult, doesn't matter if directed at me or not.
-❌if you're h/rny for the scarlet sisters or the dream world twins we're definitely not gonna be friends i am so tired of people like this
-❌if i have the displeasure of hearing you reference the "gengetsu r-pe time" meme from you. we have progressed past this and touching grass isnt enough to fix you. same goes for referencing "hey mister" around remilia. heard both too many times to have any patience left in me, i don't like you and that's that.
I am NOT looking for confrontation. I will just block w/o a word and move on
also i dont have to justify a block either! i don't owe any explanation or essay to warrant a block. If you being around me deals damage to my sanity that's all it takes for me to make my decision.
- ⚠️note⚠️: PLEASE warn me if i follow someone who goes against all this i HIGHLY encourage you to tell me asap if you see something's amiss that i might not have read/seen! The internet is a big place and i'm not there all the time to see everything, thank you!ok now that the part where i become rude is over everyone else who doesnt meet this criteria you're groovy as hell you are all invited to my basement to play stuart little on the ps1.

Interests/faves :

Characters in bold are the most important to me and im begging you to ask me about them if youd like i will talk about them for hours

Touhou :
Gengetsu (PC98) - Remilia Scarlet - Flandre Scarlet - Mugetsu (PC98) - Shinki(PC98) - Clownpiece - Sariel (PC98) - Ellen (PC98) - Reimu Hakurei - Elis (PC98) -PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE help me.
(note: Biggest special interest of all time, my forever fandom if you will! 2011-current, i was 13!!!)(Note....2!!!!! Profuse enjoyer of pc98)

Meteion - Ryne - Alisaie Leveilleur - Alphinaud Leveilleur - Zero - Nanamo Ul Namo - Y'shtola Rhul - Venat - Haurchefant Greystone - Hythlodaeus

Magical Girl Media :
Onpu Segawa (Ojamajo Doremi) - Kyouko Sakura (PMMM) - Hana (Ojamajo Doremi) - Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon, manga timeline especially) - Sayaka Miki (PMMM)

Kaiju Media :
Biollante - Heisei Godzilla - Millennium godzilla - Monsterverse King Ghidorah - Heisei Gamera - 2001 Baragon - Singular Point Rodan - Kiryu (Mechagodzilla 2002-2003)

Other interests : Dinosaurs in general/Paleo media, Pokemon (PMD especially), Digimon, Monster Hunter, MOTHER/Earthbound series, Animal Crossing, Retro saturday morning cartoons, Early 80's dark fantasy animation - Space and retro Sci-Fi/Retro futurism, anything involving dragons, Animation in general (2d especially)...



DM me if interested!


- choon - sheratan and hamal