About me

- Name : Nocti
- Pronouns : She/They
- Age : 25 (born October 28, 1997)
- Spoken Languages : French (native) & English
- Occupations : Music producer/DJ/Artist/Cosplayer/Occasional writer
- Health stuff :
-> Type 1 Diabetic (diagnosed at age 7)
-> Autistic (diagnosed at age 20)
-> ADHD (diagnosed at age 21)
- Orientation : Homoromantic Asexual (in other words ace lesbian)

  • I'm horribly shy at first but when we're closer i'm chill as hell.

  • i'm really silly. i may as well just be from whatever's the place roger rabbit comes from. and im very unapologetic about how silly goofy i am it's one of my charming traits

  • 100% safe for work content creator! Not into romantic content in general either unless stated otherwise!

  • I've been into touhou since i was 13. Gengetsu is my favorite character of all time.

  • I unfortunately can't get medicated for my autism/ADHD symptoms so please be patient w me i do my very best to work on it with what ressources i have o/

  • im also a part time dragon/kaiju vtuber, im lazuli dracaena! i only do it when my brain works and cooperates to go into talk-in-front-of-an-audience mode

  • i'm a content creator but i unfortunately burn out fast and often! expect some creative blanks on the way

  • one of my friends told me i was the most chaotic good person he knows and i take this with stride

  • on ffxiv i am a primal datacenter, famfrit server girl through and through! my main is Remilia Scarlet' (plainsfolk lalafell), but i also play Gengetsu Lotusland (dunesfolk lalafell) feel free to ask if you wanna play together if we're friends!

Just because i have a somewhat large following doesnt mean i have strong morals.
tldr if you're a creep i do not like you.
It costs zero dollars to be a good person so if you're not you've only got yourself to blame.
Don't interact criteria:
-❌racists/homophobes/transphobes/ableists/antisemites/islamophobes/neonazis etc.
Tldr: Discrimination under any shape or form towards a minority / bigoted fascist ideologies are not welcome around me
-❌n f ts/cr ypto/AI
-❌TERFs and trans exclutionists/nonbinary exclusionists
-❌Loli/Shotacons as well as proshippers (includes incest, pedophilic ships, non consentual, etc)
(if you think touhou is lolicon material/claim that zun is a lolicon i will block you so fast and kill you so dead)
-❌you associate with okinatv
-❌ use of the r slur or using "autistic" as an insult, doesn't matter if directed at me or not.
-❌if you're h/rny for the scarlet sisters or the dream world twins we're definitely not gonna be friends. also applies to the fairies and any of the childlike characters tbh.
-❌if i have the displeasure of hearing you reference the "gengetsu r-pe time" or remilia "hey mister" memes from you. we have progressed past this and touching grass isnt enough to fix you. i don't like you.
I am NOT looking for confrontation. I will just block w/o a word and move on
i dont have to justify a block or tell you why i'm doing it either! If you being around me deals damage to my sanity that's all it takes for me to make my decision.
- ⚠️note⚠️: PLEASE warn me if i follow someone who goes against all this i HIGHLY encourage you to tell me asap if you see something's amiss that i might not have read/seen! The internet is a big place and i'm not there all the time to see everything, thank you!ok now that the part where i become rude is over everyone else who doesnt meet this criteria you're groovy as hell you are all invited to my basement to play stuart little on the ps1.



  • Touhou project (big emphasis on pc98)


  • Kaiju Media (Godzilla and Gamera mostly)

  • Monster Hunter

  • Paleo Media

Other interests :

  • Pokemon (PMD especially)

  • Digimon

  • MOTHER/Earthbound series

  • Animal Crossing

  • retro Sci-Fi/Retro futurism

  • anything involving dragons

  • birds of prey and their preservation



DM me if interested!