About me

- Name : Nocti
- Pronouns : She/They
- Age : 26 (born October 28, 1997)
- Spoken Languages : French (native) & English
- Occupations : Music producer/DJ/Artist/Cosplayer/Occasional writer
- Health stuff :
-> Type 1 Diabetic (diagnosed at age 7)
-> Autistic (diagnosed at age 20)
-> ADHD (diagnosed at age 21)
- Orientation : Homoromantic Asexual (in other words ace lesbian)

  • I'm horribly shy at first but when we're closer i'm chill as hell.

  • i'm really silly. i may as well just be from whatever's the place roger rabbit comes from. and im very unapologetic about how silly goofy i am it's one of my charming traits

  • 100% safe for work content creator!

  • I've been into touhou since i was 13. Gengetsu is my favorite character of all time.

  • Found family is one of my favorite tropes to explore in my arts and crafts, big ones for me on top of my head are the Mystic Square cast, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and Ryne from FF14.

  • im also a part time dragon/kaiju vtuber, im lazuli dracaena! i only do it when my brain works and cooperates to go into talk-in-front-of-an-audience mode

  • i'm a content creator but i unfortunately burn out fast and often! expect some creative blanks on the way

  • one of my friends told me i was the most chaotic good person he knows and i take this with stride

  • on ffxiv i am a primal datacenter, famfrit server girl through and through! my main is Remilia Scarlet' (plainsfolk lalafell), but i also play Gengetsu Lotusland (dunesfolk lalafell) feel free to ask if you wanna play together if we're friends!

Just because i have a somewhat large following doesnt mean i can't have strong morals, values and principles. It's not because I'm nice that i tolerate everything.
tldr if you're a creep i do not like you.
It costs zero dollars to be a good person so if you're not you've only got yourself to blame.
Don't interact criteria:
-❌ racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, any targeted hate towards a certain ethnic group, religion, gender, orientation, or disability. Discrimination under any shape or form towards a minority / bigoted fascist ideologies are not welcome around me.
-❌n f ts/cr ypto
-❌pro-isnotreal and zionism
-❌Loli/Shotacons as well as proshippers (includes incest, pedophilic ships, non consentual, etc)
(if you think touhou is lolicon material/claim that zun is a lolicon i will block you so fast and kill you so dead)
-❌You engage with childhood adjacent sexual fetishes/kinks (ageplay/abdl/ddlg/etc) this is a BIG yikes for me and i don't want you near my posts they arent for you. If you made it this far down the list you can start to see the running theme that I think that childhood and sex should ALWAYS be separate so i will avoid you at all costs if you think otherwise.
-❌ use of the r slur or using "autistic" as an insult, doesn't matter if directed at me or not.
-❌if you're h/rny for the scarlet sisters or the dream world twins we're definitely not gonna be friends. also applies to the fairies and any of the childlike characters tbh.
-❌if i have the displeasure of hearing you reference the "gengetsu r-pe time" or remilia "hey mister" memes from you. we have progressed past this and touching grass isnt enough to fix you. i don't like you. Stay away from my binguses you don't deserve them.
I am NOT looking for confrontation. I will just block w/o a word and move on
i dont have to justify a block or tell you why i'm doing it either! If you being around me deals damage to my sanity that's all it takes for me to make my decision.
⚠️note⚠️: The internet is a big place and i'm not there all the time to see everything, if i follow someone that goes against my values i most likely havent seen and would appreciate being made aware of sketchy behavior (BE SERIOUS THO)ok now that the part where i become rude is over everyone else who doesnt meet this criteria you're groovy as hell you are all invited to my basement to play stuart little on the ps1. Which is a real game that exists and i urge you to look at the atrocious voice acting in this game.



  • Touhou project (big emphasis on pc98)


  • Kaiju Media (Godzilla and Gamera mostly)

  • Ojamajo Doremi

  • a LOT of Dinosaur Media & paleontology (fun fact: my favorite animals, not just extinct ones: of ALL TIME, are spinosaurus and allosaurus)

Other interests :

  • Sailor Moon (manga timeline enjoyer)

  • Pokemon (PMD especially)

  • Digimon

  • Monster Hunter

  • MOTHER/Earthbound series

  • Monster High (i know more abt g3 than g1 but please oh please enlighten me)

  • Animal Crossing

  • retro Sci-Fi/Retro futurism

  • anything involving dragons



except for close friends (i dont have the spoons to draw for others atm)

DM me if interested!